Soul Workout is an NPO working at the forefront of bringing change to lives across the community. Through philanthropy, education and a variety of communal initiatives, Soul Workout is dedicated to helping others in small and sometimes bigger ways.

At this difficult time for so many, it is incumbent upon each and everyone, to do what they can by reacingh out and bringing social and educational benefit to others and in particular, to those in dire need. Soul Workout joins in this effort and is a source of encouragement to others to join up and do the same. 

Soul Workout has been runing since 2009 and has incorporated outreach projects to both the Jewish as well as broader South African community. These include concerts; educational workshops; charity drives; lecture programmes; publication production; documentaries; radio, tv and news media outputs; conservation projects and many others.

Soul Workout invites partnership in getting involved with our vision of moving forward in impacting the lives of others across the South African spectrum.



Soul Workout visits the Tshiriletse school in Soweto. The visit included hand-outs of sports equipment as well as looking at the schools water system with a view to repairs and increased clean water supply.


Fairways primary hosted the Soul Workout with hand outs of the Soul Workout study book plus the Journey Through History board games.


The Unity Sports event was celebrated with amazing soccer and a great community vibe that surrounded the days event. 


The Yerushalayim Lanetzach concert held in February 2016 raised R70000 for Victims of Terror supporting the One Family Group.


The Score With Charity drive hit schools and community centres around Jo'burg. Beautiful boxes were handed out in which the giver chooses his or her charity. Brand sponsors to the box creation are: Strate Ltd; Firzt Realty; Norman Goodfellows; Blue Label Telecoms.